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Taking care of ‘you’

Is it me or is life getting busier by the day? Keeping up with work commitments and busy family schedules whilst maintaining any sort of social life seems impossible. Read more

What can we learn from our sporting idols?

Everyone has an idol. Someone they look up to, someone they aspire to be like. It might be someone in their chosen profession, a family member or even a close friend. Given my background in sport and fitness, most of my idols belong in this world. Read more

Life is one big blag

From the outside, everyone in life is doing great. I look at friends’ LinkedIn profiles from school and they are smashing it. Professional looking photos in suits and their CVs are on point. It’s easy to think, “I’m so far behind”. Read more

You’re fat and you have your genetics to thank

How many times have you thought, “I wish I looked like that”? One minute you’re happy in your own skin, then suddenly you’ll see ripped 6-pack abs and big peachy bums on your timeline and you start thinking about how horrible your body looks. Read more

How Uber and Spotify are damaging our chances of losing weight

If you type ‘how to lose a stone’ into Google, over 65 million results are thrown back at you. With most the search results focusing on drastic exercise or diet changes, it’s evident that most of us are looking for a quick fix for weight loss and these fads are becoming the norm. Read more